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20/11/2022 a 26/11/2022

José Diogo Correia was born in the North of Portugal in 1984.

Music has always been innate to him and he started by learning to play musical instruments such as classic Piano and acoustic Guitar at the age of 6 years old.
Taken by the desire to create something unique, he shared knowledge with professional musicians and studied Piano, harmony and improvisation at the Jazz School of Oporto, having later completed his education studying Engineering and Sound Design in Lisbon, where he had the possibility to work with hardware and software.

Inspired by contemporary artists and looking for a musical philosophy of self-identity, he became a professional musician in 2005.
After other experiences in electronic music projects, in-bandand solo performances, along with his friend Hélder Vasconcelos, who shared the same desire for musicproduction and its various segments, they began the Re:Axis project in 2006, well characterized by a progressive rhythmic component of deep and surrounding atmospheres.

Between 2007 and 2010 they release original tracks and remixes on various labels such as Autist (DE), Piso Records (UK), FVF Records (IRL), Resopal Schallware (DE), Soniculture (PT), Sk Supreme (AI), Sleaze Records (UK), Lazerslut (DE) and Eminor (DE), as well as the release of their debut album by their own record label, Monocline Records, founded in 2008. In 2010, José Diogo Correia became the only member of the Re:Axis project, as well as the owner of Monocline Records.
Later this year, he created two alter-egos, F-Lux and Joseph Chain, both with a distinct language, from minimal to techno, without ever losing the essence and concept of music creation.
Along in this journey, José has been supported by intermacional DJs and Producers worldwide such as Richie Hawtin, Steve Lawler, Maetrik, Fabrizio Maurizi, Misc, Patrick Bateman, Dubfire, among with many others.

Re:Axis has also been remixing for artists like Billy Dalessandro, Miro Pajic, MRI, Pablo Denegri, D Seismal, Psyk, Omar Salgado, Miss Sunshine, Qik, Zentex, and many more. In the recent years, Re:Axis has also had the pleasure to present his live productions in clubs and festivals like 1001 (London – UK), Opart (Lisbon – PT), Gare (Oporto – PT), Indústria (Oporto – PT), Vademecum (Vigo – ES), Plux (Hamburg – DE), Golden Gate (Berlin – DE), K -Pax (Berlin – DE), Lux (Lisbon – PT), Space (Lisbon – PT), Europa (Lisbon – PT), Fresh Weekend (Corunha – ES), Funkenflug (Rostock – DE), Boom Festival (Idanha-a-Nova – PT), NeoPop Music Festival (Viana do Castelo – PT), Teatro Sáda Bandeira (Oporto – PT), and many others.

In 2011 he released the “Into The Light” EP and a vinyl of originaltracks on Tonkind Records (Berlin), as well as his first LP as F-Lux, “Welcome Change” by Monocline Records.After his first tour in India, on November 2012. he released his second album – “Paradigm Of Realities” and starts performing his own music around the world.Hybrid EP was the next one in 2013 and numerous remixes as well as for Phobiq Records from Sasha Carassi and a new EP – “Terminal Shock” for WaveForm Records from Victor Calderone that will come out at the middle of 2014.

He is living a rich and productive period of creation with all the energy, experience and maturity acquired over the past years, working to make his sound more coherent and solid. 2014 promises new releases, as “Synthesize EP” on Planet Rhythm, and many performances around the world…


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