Dj da Semana
7/8/2022 a 13/8/2022

Glove is one of the references of the portuguese movement of electronic music and a truly rising artist with consolidated work revealing through time an exceptional technique with his very own style of Djing.

Since 2001 when his career began, he traveled several ways, between remarkable residences until the creation of Flux in 2004, a solid platform for the promotion of new musical concepts, presenting with regularity national and International artists with innovative and alternative grounds. Glove was the creator and mentor of Refresh Festival and many more concepts before becoming a the co-owner of LXMUSIC in 2012 till today.

Musically, Glove has always been a pioneer searching and spreading knowledge of the most innovative trends on electronic music, applying a meticulous musical choice on his sets, crossing styles of House and Techno music, traveling to Progressive and Minimal rhythm, always suprising with a complex musical selection. Very rhythmic, full of groove and energy.

Dedicating himself to increase and exploit the talent, Glove is the example of avant-garde from Portugal and he continues offering us with an excellent music taste at a highest distinction.


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