Dj da Semana
19/3/2023 a 25/3/2023

D-Compost decided to become a Dj when his brother introduced him the first Prodigy Single “One Love”, what surprised him was the complete absence of acoustic sounds.

He was one of those kids always aware of what the big brother usually do. His brother bought a mixer and a turntable and he had started to practice at home. “I did neither know what it was, but it did intrigue me”, he confesses. When the brother broke the habit almost three years later, he had his chance. At the time, he could not afford to buy music albums, but he was kind of far-seeing. “When I used to go to family or friend houses I was always looking for CDS that they no longer wanted to keep. I bring them with me and use them in my mixes”, he reveals. He than was inspired to start a new career as a Dj.

And when he reached 13 years old he had change his address home. He moved near to Sintra and he gets into a new school. Eventually, he turned to become part of the college radio station where he remained until leaving the institution. At that new place, he makes new friends. Plus, every Wednesdays he often joined a friend of him, who was a passionate about music too. Out of the blue, they had become known as a DJ duo and they started to receive invitations to host parties.

D-Compost gets his influences from Hip Hop, Blues, Jazz, and House Music, butt he first started into Hip Hop Music production back in 2001.

After few years working on Hip Hop Scene and playing at night vibes from Hip Hop to House, he was deeply caught to look more inside of Electronic Music and then in 2010 he start focusing only on Electronic Music.Being inspired from DJs like Frankie Knuckles, Masters at Work, Kerry Chandler, Tony Humphries, Chez Damier, and with vocalist like Robert Owens, Cari Golden and many more, he then decided to dig more into this sounds and producing new tracks more suitable for the Underground Scene.

He’s productions Skills have been noticed a little bit around the world, being called to remix The Northern American Band “Mind The Gap” which was released in Miami Label “Heavenly Bodies Records” and also a remix for Hanna Hais Defected star. In his corner (Studio), he prepares, invents, creates. He produces music that had captivated him from the age of eight.

Since then and now currently living in London he has been working with names like Yasmine Azaiez, Cari Golden, Erin Marshall, Dahrio Wonder, Asta, Veselina Popova, Saccao, Leandro Silva and few others .

He saw his tracks being release by labels like Nurvous Records (NYC), Armada Music (Amesterdam)and a few others.






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