Chris Kay

Chris Kay
Tribal / Tech / Progressive House
Dj da Semana
18/12/2011 a 24/11/2011

Nuno Dekay aka Chris Kay born in new york but raised in portugal (Parents Country)… he has been an active electronic music performer for 16 years starting at the age of 17 after an intense dj/production course taken at danceplanet portugal, from the early stages he has secured respect and acknowledgment within the industry,playing at some the worlds best venues and along side some of the renown artists blessed by satoshie tommie at buddah club, at the age of 20 he had already performed at world wide famous pacha in portugal, later also passing thru pacha ibiza opening for pete tong at the age of 22, which without a doubt was his earliest most recognizable accomplishment, what has made him stand out his the public response, he is a very personable human being and interacts with all his audience at an equal level he says “I WAS THE CROWD, BEFORE THE CROWD GAVE ME THE KEY TO THE BOOTH, AND IF IT WERENT FOR THEIR LOVE AND SUPPORT I WOULD NOT DO WHAT I DO WITH THE AMOUNT OF LOVE THAT I FEEL” a humble statement forever remembered in a tv interview an acclaimed dance music tv show U.S.A. he has pursued his career in all his might never giving up even when times got tough, he keeps faithful to what House Music Represents, on an interview for EXILETVCHANNEL he was asked and i quote “considering the walls you have encountered along the way what thrives you to keep pursuing a position in such a tough industry” his eloquente response was nothing but short and sweet and i quote ” when all seems to loose sense all i do is turn up the music and the love that swarms my body reminds me who i am and the smile i give when touched by house”… he has played all over europe and the united states, usa from east coast to west coast, just to name a few venues Pacha (portugal/ibiza/new york), deep(new york) crobar(new york), karma (new york), pure( new york) buddah(portugal), space-patio(ibiza/miami), catalina hotel(miami), yuca(miami), cleavelander(miami), club 4ever(portugal), vigo(spain), vogue(portugal), vanguard(hollywood), vice(hollywood) Athenea(los angeles) and so many more… recently entering the production part of the industry he was early signed by anonima recordings and released on of the most acclaimed remixes of the ep Mad Square orginally produced by the post lithium boys with support fro Mike morales, mindskap, ritchie hawtin etc, his new project (still to be announced) where he has teamed up with Dc Dj Tony smooth and the amazing and talented Yvonne Black is another great electronic project now conquering the Hollywood scene and soon touring across the U.S.A. then preparing and paving the way to conquer europe… in the year 2011 Chris kay was nominated for best house music dj in los angeles by vilack house music organization where thru the 8 weeks of public voting maintained himself within the first 5 positions out of 50 nominated dj’s, although he did not win the award he still remained in the top 5 best dj’s in los angeles, when asked about how he felt about not winning he replied ” I WAS AN AWARD WINNER BEFORE THEY EVEN NOMINATED ME… THE LOVE AND SUPPORT OF THE CROWD THAT FOLLOWS MY WORK AND THEIR COMPLIMENTS AND SMILES ARE THE ONLY AWARD I REALLY NEED TO RECEIVE” the route to success is still not concluded there is a lot to expect from Chris Kay both as a producer and dj Having ready for release a full album plus various singles and ep’s with some of the worlds best labels such as (tribetronix records, younan music, ultra, and the forever faithful ANONIMA RECORDS(PORTUGAL) .


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