Blazing Noise

Blazing Noise
Dj da Semana
13/6/2021 a 19/6/2021

Blazing Noise is an exciting,brand new Project born and currently residing in Lisbon..
He start in music in metal and punk bands when he was 14 years old until in 1999 he went to his first psy party in portugal…

This fresh new project was initiated at the end of 2009, with its main aim
to bring some change to the Culture of the psychedelic scene.

The aim of the “Blazing Noise project” is to offer something new, personal, original and psychedelic. The Music is a perfect mix of melodies and strong fxs, which creates pure,true, and psychedelic music, which evokes people into dancing and invites them to travel through their minds in a fanatic frenzy trip, all united in a deep induced state of trance.

He already play in big party’s around the world and festivals Like Freedom Festival in Portugal, Error in Time in Mexico and Land Festival in Marrocos , he also play in partys in country’s like Netherlands, Italy, India, Mexico, France, Ibiza London.


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